Meet The Crew

Hey FURiends!
I'm Kay, the owner of Francis And Bee's PETS. I created this brand after experiencing a loss of our beloved family pup, Mister, in early 2022. Since then, I dove into the wellness of pet treats full force and engulfed myself in the education behind healthier food options for our pups. I understand that unfortunately our pets don't always live that long so I took it upon myself to do my part in creating pet treats to not only spoil our pets but most importantly, have healthier ingredients in hopes to just give them a better quality of life through our treats.
Now, let's discuss the name FRANCIS AND BEE. When we're out selling our treats at local events and farmers markets, we LOVE getting the question, "Whose Francis and whose Bee?" Well, Francis is my husband John's middle name and my middle name starts with the letter "B" . So putting it all together, my husband is Francis and I'm Bee and our logo represents us both! By the way, feel free to address us with either name haha
You'll almost always see me at our booth with my right hand woman, my BEST FRIEND, aka MY SISTERRRR, BRE!! She's the owner of Creative Leigh Customs so all the custom cups, mugs, attire, and products were designed and created by her! That lady has talent!! She's the brains behind bringing all of my ideas to life and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch her fur son Prince at and event with us!
And lastly If you're lucky, you might even catch one of our 4 buzzing BaeBee boys (Tylen 11, Kasaun 4, Karson 2, & Kameron 4months) at one of our events helping out and being the cute little BaeBee bosses they are, so say hi because they loveeee making new Furiends!